ClimateTimes in Brief

                              About ClimateTimes (2449-1470)

EDITOR: Mrs. Catherine .C. Patricks

Credentials: B.Sc( Industrial Chemistry), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism ,Houston Trained Climate Reality Leader,Associate Member – Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ) Rivers State Chapter.

                                       ClimateTimes in Brief

ClimateTimes is a news magazine and media platform that is strongly committed to climate change education and climate change knowledge sharing and communication.ClimateTimes editorial and media team are experts and professionals who devote their time to dig into new innovations towards providing solutions to the global climate crisis. We write,edit and report news of new climate change knowledge through research and communicate such new knowledge in a most simple way that will build both human and institutional capacities towards a climate change knowledge economy that will support innovative and SMART climate solutions that will in turn bridge the knowledge gap and skill deficit in solving the climate change challenge.
ClimateTimes is a media tool in place to promote the achievement of goal number – 13 of the UN-Sustainable Development Goals-SDG and to support the realization of the objectives of UNFCCC article number-6.
Our expectation is to bring about climate resilient societies and economies . Our strategic approach is to share knowledge that will reduce vulnerabilities to climate change, support adaptation,improve adaptive capacity and increase awareness on future impacts of climate change and suggest climate change solution options available through mitigation.
ClimateTimes is published biannually by  Environment & Millennium Targets Ltd – a Centre For Research , Environment Education & Development (EMT-CREED).

Global Coverage:

ClimateTimes journal enjoys a wide coverage and network of readers through its link to International Federation of Training and Development Organization (IFTDO) platform and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps hub.

The Team :

The editor of ClimateTimes is a Climate Reality Leader trained in Houston and commissioned by Mr. Al Gore,the founder of Climate Reality Project and a former US Vic President.
The editorial board director of ClimateTimes is a climate change knowledge communication and research specialist and member of IFTDO developing countries committee.

ClimateTimes Team recognizes and rewards excellence in climate change education,climate change research and climate change knowledge sharing and communication.



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